EasyAccess 2.0 Activation Card




EasyAccess 2.0 enables you to easily connect and monitor the remote HMI. Any abnormal situation of HMI can be instantly diagnosed. Moreover, the EasyAccess 2.0 application and its web management system offer a secure communication mechanism, 128-bit SSL, a standard commonly used in on-line banking. This encryption mechanism protects your data and also ensures the reliability of your data transmission.

Pass-Through Technology: 

Remote pass-through is made possible and simple with EasyAccess 2.0 by utilizing the aid of a program that is included with your EZwarePlus configuration software. EasyAccess 2.0 uses the highly secure SSL VPN technology (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network), giving you the ability to monitor and update a PLC connected to your remote HMI. Simply link in, upload/download the PLC project, or go online to see what’s on the HMI. You can even control it using your mouse or keyboard, it’s like you’re in front of the HMI. During the pass-through process, communication between the HMI and PLC remains and the remote user can see the PLC’s updated status as soon it’s changed.




  1. Record HWKey show in [EasyAccess 2] tab of system setting on the HMI.
  2. Sign in your domain on http://account.ihmi.net (Register a domain if you do not have one.)
  3. Select Add HMI in Devices menu.
  4. Enter HWkey (from Step1) and Activation code (you could find it on activation card).


Startup Guide:



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